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CEO Challenges

As the person leading your company, you know there's often more pain than perks. For CEOs, it’s the pain of:

  • Being expected to know it all and always make the right decision.
  • Your employees, and even your family, not understanding your unique challenges and pressures.
  • Not having someone to share personal issues or challenges without affecting your role as the leader.
  • Not having an unbiased sounding board to hear your ideas and give you honest feedback.
  • Spending your time so focused on today’s success and having no time to do the most important CEO job – create the successful future of your company.

There is a solution - Sage Executive Group. When you join Sage, you join a peer advisory group of up to 12 experienced and successful CEOs who are like-minded in their passion for growth and excellence – in business and in their personal lives.

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The Sage Executive Group Process

The Sage process has been developed by leaders who have over 45 years of collective experience with CEO peer advisory groups. As a result, we know what it takes to put together an effective and value-driven member experience.

  • Monthly Peer Group meetings for CEOs and C-level executives led by a seasoned top executive who serves as the group's facilitator.
  • Monthly individual coaching and mentoring sessions with the member and facilitator.
  • Speakers with real-world experience, relevant insight and actionable advice.
  • Exclusive learning and networking events for Sage members, their spouses and partners and the member's direct reports.

Are You Qualified?

We want our members to get real, useful advice from each other, so only qualified CEOs and top decision makers are eligible for membership. If you think you have what it takes to contribute to a Sage peer group, provide us with some basic information about yourself, and one of our representatives will contact you.

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